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You won't find any LDPE in our canoes & kayaks; we leave that to carrier bags and use high-quality, proprietary HDPE developed alongside our suppliers specifically for producing highly UV, scratch, and impact resistant boats in 3 carefully configured constructions.


Exclusive to Venture, TriLite increases hull stiffness and reduces weight, enhancing the performance of our leading hull designs for a more responsive boat.

Easier to rooftop, easier to carry, easier to paddle.

Available in selected models only. Look out for the TriLite logo.


The same whitewater grade single skin polyethylene used for its supreme impact resistance in our range of Pyranha whitewater kayaks.

MZ3 is available in the Flex.


A triple layer, polyethylene foam sandwich material for a great stiffness to weight ratio with tried and tested durability.

CoreLite is only available in Venture Canoes.

Which Construction is Right for You?


Perfect for deep water recreational use.


Well suited for hard use and those on a budget.


The ideal choice for centres, families, and moderate whitewater use.

Products Available In TriLite

Products Available In CoreLite

Products Available In MZ3