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Reliable outfitting for relaxing family adventures and demanding outdoor centre use.

Available in: Ranger, Prospector, Hunter

Standard Cruiser Spec Features

Contoured Carrying Yoke

Fitted balanced, oiled to match the seats and shaped for comfortable shoulder carrying. The yoke also provides rigidity to the boat's shell.

Durable, Moulded End Decks

Integrated, ergonomically shaped handle for comfortable carrying. The one piece end deck provides protection and strength to the bow and stern.

Heavy Duty Alloy Seat Hangers

Strong enough to cope with the excited wriggles of generations of new canoeists, and the demands of all shapes and sizes of paddlers. Can be reversed for an angled kneeling seat.

Tough Vinyl Gunwales

Scratch resistant and highly resilient to the forces exerted on gunwales.

Varnished Wood Web Seats

Not just an optional upgrade, these durable and attractive seats come as standard on all Venture Canoes.



Plastic Alloy

Alloy reinforced for heavy duty use such as groups and centres.

Plastic Tank

Contoured seat pan with fishing rod, cup holder and accessory tray. (Available on Rangers)

Wide Centre

3rd centre seat available on all models.

4th Seat

Available in Hunters

Custom Position

We'll fit the seat in your specified location.

Sailing Seat

Wood web seat incorporating a support for a sail mast, for use in combination with a mast foot (not included).

Adjustable Seat Hangers

Quick, solid height and angle adjustment to suit different paddlers and situations

Yoke & Thwarts

Kneeling Thwart

Promotes an effcient and comfortable paddling style.

Deep Dish Yoke

Added rigidity and increased comfort when shoulder carrying.

Custom Position

We'll fit the yoke or thwart in your specified location.

Standard Thwart

Can be fitted in addition to a seat for extra hull rigidity in demanding situations, or in place of a seat for lower weight and increased gear space.

Adjustable Kneeling Thwart Hangers

Quick, solid height and angle adjustment to suit different paddlers and situations


Laced-In Buoyancy Wedges

Additional buoyancy is essential for open water and whitewater use; foam wedges provide an excellent, high-durability solution.

Laced-In Airbags

Maximum flotation at minimum weight, essential to reduce the forces exerted on the boat during a whitewater rescue.

Rope End Grabs

Ideal for whitewater rescues, fitted above the waterline through the main body of the canoe for sufficient strength.


Lengths of rope at the bow and stern used for a variety of purposes, such as tying up the boat or guiding it down rapids when empty.


Bow & Stern

Used to secure buoyancy and provides high strength attachment points along the sides of the canoe.

Full Length Lacing

Lacing along the full length of both sides to increase rescue attachment point versatility and strength.

Full Length with Gear Loops

Threaded PVC tubing along the inside of the lacing allows easier attachment of gear and equipment.

Custom Lacing

We'll work with you to produce a bespoke lacing solution perfectly matched to your requirements.


WW End Decks

Secures bouyancy and offers high strength attachment points.

High Line

Higher side for increased capacity and a drier ride. (Excludes Afon)

Low Line

Lower side for less windage and easier paddling access for smaller canoeists. (Excludes Afon)