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The Jura is a highly adept sea kayak with superb stability, versatile gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, a large cockpit, and plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys. Whether you’re progressing into sea kayaking from adventure touring, or being introduced straight to the sea, the Jura will look after you during your first paddle strokes, yet has all the performance and features you’ll need to continue well beyond this.

Choose This Kayak For:

  • - Smoothing the learning curve and enjoying learning to sea kayak in confidence.
  • - Advancing from a touring kayak to something just as stable but with a sea kayaking focus.
  • - A sea kayak with more room to stretch than a traditional design.


Slimline Stern

Engages in the water to aid tracking, and allows the bow to lift when paddling through waves or surfing for a drier ride.

Wide, Shallow ‘V’ Hull Mid-Section

Gives great speed and tracking whilst being reassuringly stable and easy to manoeuvre in a variety of conditions.

Dynamic Volume Distribution

High volume bow gives plenty of room to stretch, and stability in rough water, whilst the low profile stern offers easy rolling and re-entry plus lower windage.

Toggle Handles

Used for carrying, or for keeping hold of the kayak after a swim in moving water.

Paddle Park

Store your paddle safely whilst fishing, taking photos, or just relaxing.

Large Bow & Stern Hatches

Ample, water resistant storage of your camping or expedition gear, featuring market-leading KajakSport hatch covers.

Deck Bungees

Store maps, hats, or a spare paddle close to hand.

Deck Lines

Running along the perimeter for increased boat handling options, particularly during rescues.

Day Hatch

Quick, on-the-water access to safety equipment and other essentials.

Security Point

Attach a cable lock to secure your kayak during storage.

Advanced Skeg Slider

Allows easily visible, incremental adjustment of the skeg to match the conditions.

Available with Skudder™

Venture’s proprietary Skudder system means you can have the best of both a skeg and rudder, aiding tracking when partially deployed, and increasing manoeuvrability when deployed fully.

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Whitewater the Canoe Centre
"We were impressed with how well the Jura coped gliding through the water nicely for a plastic boat, with the more forgiving nature of the Venture range becoming immediately apparent with the boat feeling really solid and stable and while still being plenty quick enough to keep up with the rest of the group."


Blue Decklines
Grey Elastics

Blue Decklines
Grey Elastics

Yellow Decklines
Grey Elastics


Exclusive to Venture, TriLite increases hull stiffness and reduces weight, enhancing the performance of our leading hull designs for a more responsive kayak.

Turquoise Inner

Turquoise Inner

Jaffa Inner


 External Cockpit
Length Width Volume Front HatchDay HatchRear Hatch Length Width WeightPaddler Weight Range
490cm 56cm 245l 55l 16l 21l 76.5cm 47.5cm 26kg <110kg
Length 490cm / 16'
Width 56cm / 22"
Volume 245l / 64gal (US)
Front Hatch 55l / 14.5gal (US)
Day Hatch 16l / 4.2gal (US)
Rear Hatch 21l / 5.5gal (US)
External Cockpit Length 76.5cm / 30.1"
External Cockpit Width 47.5cm / 18.7"
Weight 26kg / 57lb
Paddler Weight Range <110kg / <242lb


The Skudder® combines the simplicity of a skeg with the efficiency of an understern rudder.

Smart Track Pivot Pedals
For use with Smart Track Rudder.

The Skudder® combines the simplicity of a skeg with the efficiency of an understern rudder.

Smart Track Pivot Pedals
For use with Smart Track Rudder.

Aids tracking in a straight line, can be fully or partially lowered to optimise performance.

Twist Lock Footrests
Adjustable footrests come as standard on Venture Kayaks.

Venture Combi Sprey Deck
Waterproof and breathable 2 layer nylon waist tube with 4mm dive quality neoprene deck.

Venture Nylon Spray Deck
Packed with handy features like a front mesh pocket and plastic stiffener to stop water pooling on the deck. Waterproof PU coated nylon, taped seams, removable shoulder straps, reflective piping and adjustable waist tube.

Paddle Float
210D laminated nylon PVC, welded and reinforced seams, dump valve, reflective piping and webbing strap to secure paddle. Fits all touring paddles.

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