The Venture Islay is the next wave of small touring kayaks. Taking design cues from P&H's ground-breaking Delphin, the Islay sets a new standard for the category.

The Islay features a long waterline for speed and tracking and an asymmetric hull that is nimble on edge. Solid stability gives beginning paddlers plenty of confidence and a roomy cockpit makes for comfortable all-day seating.


Semi flat mid hull with a slight V:

Gives stability, manoeuvrability and great tracking..

Full volume bow:

Helps lift over waves and give you a drier ride.

Volume in bow and stern :

Carry all your gear with ease on calmer water.

Rear weighting & squared off stern:

Long water line allows you to keep speed up across the bay.

Ergonomic cockpit position :

So you can paddle all day in comfort.

Removable pod, 2 large hatches and paddle park :

Store all your gear for longer trips.

Deck elastics :

Store map and spare paddles for easy access.

Fishing rod holder flats:

For optional fishing rod holders.

Security bar & Paddle recess behind the cockpit

Rudder Ready

Optional rudder can be attached.

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Canoe And Kayak Magazine
"It's able to put smiles on the faces of beginners with its easy tracking and confidence inspiring stability and it will still appeal to intermediate and expert paddlers with its fun nature and impressive performance. Quite simply we loved it."
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AS Watersports
"Take to the water! Itís not all hard graft here at A.S. We do get to splash about a bit as well."
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Change Units
 External Cockpit
Length Width Volume Front HatchDay HatchRear HatchFourth Hatch Length Width WeightPaddler Weight Range
427cm 60cm 374l†43l na 81l na 89cm 51cm 25.5kg 55 - 130kg


Aids tracking in a straight line, can be fully or partially lowered to optimise performance.

Twist Lock Footrests
Adjustable footrests come as standard on Venture Kayaks.

Deck Pod
Simple to install and remove, the pod slots into the recess located on the deck.