Venture Combi Deck
Waterproof and breathable 2 layer nylon waist tube with 4mm dive quality neoprene deck.

Waist tube: One size

Deck size
Large fits Easky 15 LV.
Extra Large fits Flex, Easky 13 and Easky 15, Islay, Cappella 160 and 166.
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New Venture Skudder

The Venture Skudder combines the strengths of both a skeg and rudder and eliminates the weaknesses of either. The Skudder is simple and bombproof like a skeg and ultra-efficient like the rudder. Deploy it partway and it functions like a skeg for control in wind and waves (1). Drop it all the way and the Skudder becomes a super-efficient understern foil rudder (2). All parts stored internal for safe transportation with easy access for cleaning and maintenance (3).
Tough. Versatile. Efficient. The Skudder — only on Venture kayaks.

What makes the Skudder so great?
Efficiency — an under-stern rudder is much more effective than an over-stern rudder; particularly in rough water as the blade doesn't come out of the water just when you need it, plus having the end plate effect against the hull can double its efficiency.
Lighter — At only 283grams the skudder is 46% lighter than a typical rudder.
Strength and Protection — A traditional rudder is bolted to the deck, and with blade up or down upsets the wind balance in the design, plus has to have a very long blade to reach the water which inherently is more flexible and less effective than a Skudder. The Skudder when not deployed is completely protected, but when deployed all joints are shock protected, enormously strong, and all fully replaceable.

Available on the newest Venture Kayaks, Islay 12 and Jura.

Pyranha / P&H Design – patent applied for / registered name.
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Venture Storage Pod
Handy extra storage pod which is great for quick access to essential gear, all within arms reach. Perfect for storing a bottle of water and some snacks to keep you going while your out on the water. Simple to install and remove, the pod slots into the recess located on the deck and clips onto the deck lines.

With a volume of 3 litres, the deck pod sits snug in the recess on the deck and then is held in place under the elasticated deck lines. As well as this there is an extra clip allowing you to attach the pod to another section of the deck lines.

*Water tight Kayak Sport hatch may not be 100% waterproof. Using the pod for carrying a digital camera, keys or any other valuable equipment is done so at your own risk and Venture Kayaks will not be held responsible for damage to any personal valuables.
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Venture Nylon Deck
Perfect for flat water paddling this nylon spray deck which is designed for Easky's features comfy adjustable shoulder straps which are removable, adjustable waist tube and an easy pull strap at the front so its easy to get in and out. There's also a handy front pocket to keep whatever you need for a day out on the water, plus a plastic stiffener to stop water pooling on the deck .

Material: 210D Nylon PU coated, taped seams, water repellent.

W/P 1000m
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Fishing Rod Holders
Flush fit rod holders to turn the Flex, Easky 13, 15, 15lv and 17lv into fishing platforms.
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Paddle Float
The venture paddle float has a quick dump valve, reflective piping and adjustable webbing straps to secure the paddle. Fits All Touring Paddles.
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Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder
The Smart Track Rudder is a moveable fin that can be turned left and right by the paddler using a control attached to the footrests. This allows the paddler to trim or turn the kayak at will and is most efficient when the paddler wants to manoeuvre the kayak on a winding river, without adapting their paddling strokes.

Venture Kayaks with rudders come with Toe Pilot pivot pedals as standard which allows paddlersto steer the rudder by pivoting their toes.
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P&H's Foil Skeg
The skeg is a fin that is lowered from the stern of the kayak, using a control positioned close to the cockpit. It allows the paddler to trim the kayak, stay in a straight line and compensate for wind or waves. It can be fully or partially lowered to optimise performance.

You control the skeg by pulling a cord, this is attached to the skeg via elastic and fastened in the skeg box. If you run aground whilst paddling forward it’ll just push back up and cause no damage.

Venture Kayaks with skegs come with fully adjustable twist lock footrests as standard.
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